Biographical Notes

I was born in Sardinia in 1942.

Once I completed my humanities studies, I taught History of Treaties and International Politics for several years at the University of Cagliari.
In 1983, I left teaching and historical research to dedicate myself to painting, never entirely abandoned, and particularly to the study of portraiture.
Later on, I developed new themes in an informal context.

My poetics:
building, rediscovering places or moments where the real is now remote but not lost, where the truth transforms and denies itself in ambiguous values, conveyed by emotional frequencies entrusted to chromatisms of intense lyricism.
In those places, I dwell and retreat with delight.

For about 15 years, captivated by knots, by the knot, I have thoroughly studied the technique with the aim of expressing to the fullest, in the multiplicity of forms and values ​​in relation to the materials used, a precise objective: to enhance its plastic values, that is, to make sculpture out of it.

Since 1991, I have lived and worked in Tuscany, alongside my two children, in a farmhouse in the countryside of Vinci.