Large, visible knots that come together in hovering shapes. Perhaps winged beings or perhaps flowers, or maybe dragons and dragonlings unaware of their nature.
Shapes that dance, intertwine….
They are made of sturdy twines, in cotton, Italian production. Indeed, Tuscan.
But also ropes of straw-colored polypropylene, suitable for outdoor living as well.
They enjoy presenting themselves from above and floating. They are blonde, mobile columns made of knots, many, many knots…!
They are open to interpretation and use, even as chandeliers.

Fantasia Giglio

Year 2022, cm 150x90


Year 2023, cm 280x75

Galassia del Drago

Year 2024, cm 125x70

Galassia della Sirena

Year 2024, cm 125x70